2024 New Hunting and Tactical Suppressors

Tactical Suppressors

Best New Hunting & Tactical Suppressors for 2024


Silencer Co Velos LBP 7.62
SilencerCo Velos LBP 7.62

This year at SHOT, SilencerCo released three new suppressors: the Spectre 9, Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62. The Spectre 9 is the next evolution in SilencerCo’s collection of titanium suppressors. It’s completely constructed from titanium and designed for pistol and sub-gun platforms. The Spectre 9 is compatible with 9mm and subsonic 300 BLK. It’s extremely lightweight at only 3.9 ounces with no mounts. It offers competitive sound performance for suppressors in its size category. It’s also full-auto rated, and one of the few suppressors that can run on a full-auto Glock

Silencer Co Velos 5.56K
SilencerCo Velos 5.56K

The Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62 are variations of SilencerCo’s first low-back pressure silencer, the Velos 5.56 LBP. The Velos K is a shorter version of the original Velos at just 4.76 inches. It still provides the shooter with the benefits of reduced gas but in a compact and maneuverable package. The Velos 7.62 will accommodate calibers up to .300 RUM for compatibility with more host firearms. (silencerco.com)

Silencer Co Spectre 9
SilencerCo Spectre 9

Rugged Suppressors SurgeX

New from Rugged Suppressors is the SurgeX, a versatile system optimized for reduced blowback in the short configuration and maximum sound suppression in its long form. The SurgeX comes with universal threads and includes Rugged’s own R.U.M. system for quick-detach. Rugged builds the SurgeX from 17-4 stainless steel and Cobalt 6, and the system runs 28-percent quieter than the original Surge762. Better still, it also comes belt-fed rated. Retail is $1,169. (ruggedsuppressors.com)

SureFire RC3

Sure Fire RC3

It has been a while since SureFire released a new can and this one is a winner. The RC3 succeeds the older RC2 and is engineered to reduce typical 5.56 NATO military-grade backpressure by 60 percent. It features Inconel construction for extreme durability as Inconel is a nickel and chromium-based superalloy used in extreme industrial applications where durability is key. SureFire relied heavily on computer power and fluid dynamics to design the internal of this unit. On top of all the new features, it’s still a compact suppressor with tactical applications in mind. (surefire.com)

Huxwrx Flow Ti 22 

Huxwrx Flow TI 22

This Grade 5 titanium 3D-printed rimfire suppressor is the latest edition to Huxwrx’s collection. Flowthrough silencers are designed to redirect and route expanding gases forward and out toward the muzzle. This helps keep the toxic gases burning propellants away from the shooter’s eyes, face, and lungs, not to mention the firearm itself. The Flow Ti 22 weighs under 4 ounces and, despite its lighter weight and novel 3D-printed construction, it is rated for full-auto use. Due to its overall size and design pattern, the Flow Ti 22 supports direct mount rimfire ½ x 28 TPI barrels and is suitable for all modern rimfire calibers. (huxwrx.com)


Q Porq Chop 

q porq chop
Q Porq Chop

Winning the best new name in suppressors is the Q Porq Chop. This can is designed to work with the subsonic 8.6mm Blackout, which can be considered the bigger-bore brother of the .300 Blackout, as it was borne from a similar design philosophy. Besides the novel and intriguing cartridge the Q Porq Chop was created around, the Porq Chop notably feels and handles like a lighter titanium suppressor in spite of its steel construction. This is due to the way the baffle column is stacked and joined together. Externally, the baffles resemble a horizontal pancake stack, and the good news for customers is that this manufacturing technique also helps lower costs and keep this silencer competitively priced. (liveqordie.com)

Silencer Central

Silencer Central Speed K
Silencer Central Speed K

The folks at Silencer Central are always an important stop during the show. This year they have two new offerings that I found interesting. The newest addition to the BANISH line of suppressors is the BANISH Speed K, a silencer designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition for those in uniform. The Speed K is a 4-inch 5.56 suppressor built from 100% Inconel, allowing it to be durable, maneuverable, and precise.

The second suppressor that I decided I needed is the new Buck 30. This can was built by Silencer Central in partnership with Buck Commander. This is a 30-caliber suppressor designed for rifle calibers up to .300 Win Mag. This suppressor features a tubeless and laser-welded stainless-steel design, incorporating eight baffles to lower decibel levels to below 132 dB. Silencer Central has changed the suppressor game with its door-to-door service. The team has the expertise to get your paperwork done and processed like no other company in the industry. If you are considering adding a suppressor to your life, Silencer Central needs to be part of that. (silencercentral.com)

Silencer Central BuckCommander
Silencer Central BuckCommander

Dead Air

Dead Air Silencers have three new suppressors for the market. First up is the Nomad Ti XC. XC designates Cross-Country, a term they gave the silencer lineup that lets you go further thanks to its minimal weight, while seamlessly integrating into all of your hunts and adventures. The Nomad XC series now features an enhanced two-stage coaxial baffle system with pressure-harnessing structures that regulate both low-pressure and high-pressure rounds. They have also added more strength per ounce out of the Nomad Ti XC while providing even better sound performance and precision, no matter what you are shooting.

Dead Airo Nomad LTi XC
Dead Airo Nomad Ti XC

Next up is the long-awaited .33-caliber suppressor from Dead Air Silencers. The Nomax 33 is sized for optimal sound suppression while the titanium construction provides a lighter weight to not drag you down. The Nomax 33 borrows from the same proven and patented baffle technology found in their Nomad series. They have optimized performance for big-bore cartridges by designing an enhanced two-stage coaxial baffle system and pressure harnessing structures to efficiently regulate extremely high pressures.

Dead Air-Nomax 33
Dead Air Nomax 33

Last up is the Nomad Ti. The Nomad Ti is an exercise in displaying Dead Air’s latest engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight of just 9.6 ounces, it disappears on your rifle until you need it. The body is fully welded Grade 5 Titanium. This provides excellent performance for magnum calibers and the firing schedules of most shooters and hunters. Like the original Nomad 30, it is compatible with their HUB Series adapters, making it versatile and adaptable to many hosts. (deadairsilencers.com)

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