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Armed Self-Defense Is Under Attack In The U.S.A.

New York – -( Is armed self-defense a basic human right? The question may seem rhetorical, even nonsensical to a rational mind. “Of course, armed self-defense is a basic human right,” you would say. Or is it?

In the countries of the EU it isn’t; nor is armed self-defense acknowledged and accepted as a fundamental human right in the countries that comprise the British Commonwealth. But, what about the United States? Do Americans have a right to armed self-defense?

The natural law right codified in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights makes it plain that Americans do have a natural law right of armed self-defense. And the seminal Second Amendment holdings in Heller, McDonald, and, most recently, in Bruen explicitly assert that. So, why does that remain a question for us? But a question for us it is, disturbing as it is.

The Globalist elite puppet-masters and the Marxist internationalists do not acknowledge—in fact do not recognize—the right.

Of course, it should not matter what these creatures think. But as long as Americans vote their proxies into public office, the right of armed self-defense remains, in practice an open question in many jurisdictions across the Country, despite the clear meaning of the Second Amendment and irrefutable U.S. Supreme Court precedent.

The fact remains that in the U.S. the natural law right of armed self-defense is not to be denied, ignored, dismissed, or abrogated.

The right of armed self-defense is itself subsumed in the broader category of the right of self-defense for personal survival, by whatever means.

Armed self-defense simply means that a person has the natural law right to possess the best means for ensuring both his physical survival and his autonomy of self against those forces that dare crush body, or mind, or spirit. For centuries that best means of self-defense was a firearm. And it remains so.

Through the years, we at AQ, have written extensively on this. See e.g., the article of December 2, 2021, titled, “Tyranny, Fundamental Rights, and the Armed Citizen“. See also an article in Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy.

In a world moving closer and closer to Armageddon, in the form of transnational tyranny, and as CCP China and western Globalist overseers carve up the world between them, the U.S. as a free Constitutional Republic cannot long remain separate and apart from the emergence of a one-world governmental empire unless the American people assert their sovereign authority over Government. This should not be difficult but, through time, it has become so for many Americans.

Why is that? It is for these reasons:

Consolidation of information organs into one massive organ of propaganda, targeting the public on an industrial scale; Incessant, noxious surveillance of the masses; Consolidation of federal police, military, intelligence apparatuses into one uniform command structure; Merging of Federal Executive and Legislative Branch functions; and attempts to merge the Judicial Branch into the fold as well Thus, the forces that crush slowly whittle away at the integrity of the United States as an independent sovereign Nation, and slowly soften the resolve of vast swaths of the polity that would otherwise enable the polity to ably resist both the inexorable march toward tyranny and usurpation of the peoples’ sovereignty over Government.

With the aid of technology and advances in the art and science of social engineering and psychological conditioning, these forces have made vast strides in corrupting the Nation from within.

In the feudalistic nation that America is becoming, the common man—today’s serf—counts for naught.

Recall that Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with several felony counts. The most serious involved his shooting of the psychotic animal, Joseph Rosenbaum. Video evidence alone made clear beyond a reasonable doubt a case for justifiable homicide grounded on the legal right of self-defense—a perfect defense to threat against life. That occurred back in 2020.

Yet, the puppet-masters demanded Kyle’s head because Rosenbaum and others were, consciously or not, tearing down the fabric of society in furtherance of the Soros/Rothschild goal to destroy the Nation. For, once that was accomplished, the remains of the United States may be merged effortlessly and seamlessly into a greater international world order a.k.a. new world order a.k.a. the Soros “Open Society.”

Fortunately, for both Kyle Rittenhouse and for the rest of us, a jury of his peers did not buy into the moronic insult. The jury realized the right of armed self-defense for them, no less than for the man on trial, were both on trial. The incident occurred in 2020. The trial—itself a travesty—demanded by the Globalist puppet-masters—should never have taken place and would never have taken place if the rotten weeds that Soros had planted at the local and regional levels had not taken root. More recently, an innocent man, a naturalized citizen from the Dominican Republic, Jose Alba, was immediately arrested for killing a vicious predator, a creature with a lengthy rap sheet, Austin Simon.

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Alba, like Rittenhouse, had successfully defended his life against predatory attack from an unrepentant, serial criminal. For his trouble, having had the audacity to defend himself against a psychopath and surviving the vicious attack, he found himself, oddly and absurdly, on Riker’s Island, courtesy of a Soros-backed and funded prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney.

One must wonder: if the tables were turned, and the psychopath, Austin Simon had killed Jose Alba, would Bragg have sent Simon immediately to Rikers Island? Judging by Bragg’s performance to date, protecting predators, that likely would never have happened. See the article titled, “Self-defense is Now Murder,” in the Daily Sentinel. See also Tucker Carlson’s news coverage and video on Fox News.

Bragg’s audacious attack on a citizen who defended himself with a knife makes patently clear the incessant assault by the legacy Press, by the Democrat Party-controlled Congress, and by the Biden Administration over “guns” isn’t really about guns at all. It is about self-defense generally—against predatory man, beast, and, most importantly, as far as the Destructors of our Nation are concerned—against predatory Government itself.

If a man has a lawful, Constitutional right to repel tyranny, that fact vindicates the right of self-defense. A tyrant can never allow for that; hence the attack on the natural law right of self-defense.

Had Alba defended his life with a firearm, rather than a knife, the Manhattan DA’s handling of the case would not have been different. But Bragg and the Press would have inserted the issue of guns into the narrative.

The aim of the Globalist push to destroy the Nation from within is insidiously directed to rendering the citizenry helpless while the Destroyers of our Nation plot and machinate to devastate the economy, mock America’s Christian faith, and promote societal decay.

Yet, total societal collapse cannot occur as long as Americans remain armed. That is our winning hand: a royal straight flush. And the would-be destroyers of a free Republic know this.

So it is that, even as the right of the people to keep and bear arms gains support through the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court, the pawns of the puppet-masters will continue to thwart the citizen’s right possess arms for self-defense.

New York Governor Hochul has made plain that she doesn’t give a damn about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Bruen. In fact New York’s recent enactment of amendments to its concealed handgun carry license structure set forth in Penal Code Section 400.00 now makes it even more difficult to obtain a concealed handgun carry license than before the Bruen ruling.

The Governor’s defiance and that of the New York State Legislature in Albany is so blatant, so arrogant, so odious, so all-encompassing as to draw incredulity but for the fact that it is not mere rumor or extravagant musing, it is all etched in stone. And we lay all that out for you in our next few articles.

By Roger Katz July 9, 2022

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