WV Legislative Wrap Up

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**West Virginia Citizens Defense League UPDATE 3/26/2022** LEGISLATIVE WRAP UP The Board of Directors would like to thank membership for another successful legislative session. Our priority legislation “WV Keep, Bear and Drive with Arms Act” (HB4048) passed the Legislature and was signed by Governor Justice earlier this month. Effective May 24, 2022, it will no longer be a criminal offense to have a loaded long arm in your vehicle in the State of West Virginia. PRIMARY ELECTIONS Primary elections are being held on May 10, 2022. Primary elections are crucial. If you only vote in the fall, you are selecting among “pre-chosen choices.” It is best that YOU decide who will be on the ballot in November. The deadline to register to vote is April 19, 2022. If you are not registered, do so. If you need help, ask. It is crucial. Early voting begins April 27, 2022. CANDIDATE SURVEYS Candidate surveys are out today. The deadline for candidates to return surveys is APRIL 15, 2022. Generally, for legislative candidates, an email with a link to the survey will be sent to their email of record with the Secretary of State. For other candidates without listed emails, they will need to seek out the survey themselves at https://www.wvcdl.org/forums/ PUBLIC OUTREACH As the weather continues to improve, WVCDL will have a public presence at events, including both scheduling local meet-and-greet events as well as having a presence at fairs and festivals throughout the state. Stay tuned for details. We can always use volunteers.

Montani Semper Liberi Ian T. Masters, Esq. President, WVCDL

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