Biden to Ban Assault Weapons

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Biden Emboldened: ‘I’m Going to Ban Assault Weapons!’

U.S.A. – Emboldened by Tuesday’s failure by Republicans to deliver a “red wave” at the polls, Joe Biden appeared at a press conference during which he allowed questions from a list of reporters he was provided, and at one point declared he will continue pushing to ban so-called “assault weapons.”

According to the White House transcription and a report in Business Insider, the sometimes cocky Biden reminded reporters about some of his “achievements” so far, including the gun control legislation he signed in June.

“We didn’t ban assault weapons,” he said. “I’m going to ban assault weapons.”

Biden gave a strong hint he will build on the gun control package from June.

“So, I’m not going to change — as a matter of fact, you know there’s some things I want to change and add to.  For example, we had — passed the most bipartisan, we passed the most extensive gun legislation, anti- — you know, rational gun policy in 30 years.”

Translation: The perennially anti-gun Biden believes he has some momentum—because Republicans evidently didn’t Tuesday—and he will use that to press for further restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

His efforts will collide with Republicans if they prevail in taking at least the House of Representatives. The current prevailing wisdom is that Republicans are poised to take a small House majority, according to the latest projection from Reuters.

But Fox News is reporting, “Amid expectations of a red wave, Democrats outperformed consensus in the House. As of Wednesday afternoon, Fox News Decision Desk had not officially called control of the chamber. But if Republicans do take control in 2023 as they are expecting, it will likely be by a much smaller majority than anticipated.”

The midterm election aftermath has allowed Biden to revive his “tough guy” persona, which he has cultivated over the decades, telling a reporter who asked about Republican promises to launch investigations into his son’s business ventures and the president’s policies, “Lots of luck in your senior year, as my coach used to say.”

But cockiness may not be enough to fend off inquiries into Hunter Biden, which could include allegations that the junior Biden allegedly made false statements on a Form 4473 when he bought a handgun in 2018. As reported by Fox News, “…Justice Department officials were looking into whether to charge Hunter Biden with various tax violations and, more seriously, possible foreign lobbying violations.”

If that actually materializes, the president could mount a major gun control push simply to distract public attention.

Anticipating a renewed gun control campaign by the administration, the Second Amendment Foundation this week launched a new advertisement encouraging gun owners to “Take action to protect your 2nd Amendment rights.”

In a news release announcing the new campaign, SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb recalled, “When Joe Biden took office, he pledged to ban certain guns and make it tougher for people to own rifles and handguns. He has never strayed from that goal.”

With the somewhat lackluster performance by Republicans after pundits and pollsters had spent many days predicting a “red wave” or even a “red tsunami,” it simply did not happen. It appears Biden is convinced this has given him the green light to restore full speed to his gun ban agenda.

The White House also knows about the situation in Oregon, where Measure 114—the super-restrictive gun control initiative—is clinging to a thin lead (proponents have already declared victory). This legislation will require training and a police-issued permit just to purchase a firearm in the Beaver state. It will undoubtedly be challenged in court on constitutional grounds, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling from June, but that will take time and money.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to essentially gloat about Tuesday’s election results. The balance of power in the U.S. Senate may come down to the outcome of the Dec. 6 special runoff in Georgia, pitting Republican Herschel Walker against incumbent anti-gun Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Overlooked by reporters during Biden’s Wednesday presser was his unintentional revelation he still requires a script. As noted in the White House transcript, Biden opened up the Q&A with this: “Now, I’ve been given a list of 10 people that I’m supposed to call on.  And you’re all supposed to ask me one question, but I’m sure you’ll ask me more.  (Laughter.) And so let me start off with a list I’ve been given…”

He doesn’t need a script to continue reminding American gun owners of his intentions. He is clearly determined to ban modern semi-auto rifles, and even 9mm pistols as his own remarks in the SAF video confirm.

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